16 July 2011

Smitten with Seasonings

Even though it's a test of my patience to shop there, occasionally Goodwill surprises me. Aren't they cute? Wonder which one is Salt and which one is Pepper?

04 July 2011

It's Tea Time!

I've been challenged with how to go about this post. What parts do I tell you about? If I told you about everything we'd be here all day, but there are so many fun snipits, and tons (and tons) of pictures. What to do?

Perhaps I should start with the end goal, which was to create a fun event for my nieces who are physically together only a handful of days in a year, and to put the boys to work serving us. Girls, flowers, tea cups–what could be more fun, right?

However, as I've had time to process our little tea party, I was struck with something unintended: the awesomeness of gathering three generations of women around a table; grandmother, moms, aunts and cousins. Girl-power!

The oldest mademoiselle's asked if we could have another tea party...the next day! Mmm, I think they had fun. And I think I could have an annual event on my hands!

But before we get to the pictures, I must thank a few wonderful people who helped this idea come to life:

To Harmony who graciously let me borrow her collection of tea cups/saucers, tea pots and all the little items that go with them. I'm hooked!

To Matt, brother-in-law-turned-Butler who wore a ruffly apron (per the request of moi), hung a tea towel over his arm and really played the part. You were fabulous!

To Hubby for capturing my vision and snapping several (okay, 400!) amazing moments in pictures. XOXO. Here are just a few (okay, 38!). Prepare your scrolling finger, you've been warned...

[click to enlarge]

17 June 2011

My, How Time Flies!

I have been a very busy bee these last six weeks with a bit of business travel, 1st birthday photoshoots and some amazing freelance design opportunities making delightful items for delightful people! As a result, time has gone "poof" and I cannot believe it's mid-June and that my dear blog has been so silent.

While I rifle through images and prepare updates I will leave you with this—a party I'm currently planning for a few of my favorite mademoiselle's—can you guess the theme?

09 May 2011

Dance, Baby, Dance!

What happens when a baby chick in tap shoes and a fair maiden in ballet slippers show up at your door? Photograph 'em, of course! Check out more dance recital fun, here and here.

24 April 2011

You have to be 6 years old...

This post was going to be about a fun cake creation for my niece's 6th birthday party, and it still is...kind of...at least there are a few pics at the end. Cake Pop ice cream cones that frankly, turned out awesome. But the post-plan changed when at the party I had one of those "aunt moments" that will stay with me for a long, long time.

Last month when I was in Chicago I stopped at The Paper Source. A way cool arty-farty store I hadn't been in since college. I quickly peeked in the very small kids section thinking perhaps there would be something for one of the kids birthdays. There was. Rosie Flo's Sticky Colouring Book. A quick flip and I was pretty sure Miss P., with her artistic bent, would like it.

She did. She wanted to draw in her new book, with me. Sprawled on the living room floor she (we) began creating, asking me how to draw shoes, and arms and hands and necks. And, asking me how someone learns to be an artist and what kind of artist I am. She filled 4 pages she said were of her and her friends (and all were in heels!)

Her younger sister really wanted to draw in it. And out from the mouth of the girl who always shares, comes: "No. It's really hard, you have to be 6 years old" without lifting her eyes or pencil from the page.

I smiled.

Happy Birthday, Lady!

18 April 2011

Art Giveaway Alert! Original Print

My goodness, we're half way through April already? How can that be?

This month's giveaway is a hand-stamped print. It's so easy to let the days pass by forgetting how precious they each are. Begging the question: Today is a gift...what will you do with it?

Today is a Gift, art print
Pewter ink on white archival paper, 1 of 4
Hand stamped using vintage printing blocks & hand embellished

Print measures 11x14
Suitable for an 8x10 opening
(14x18 frame with 8x10 opening shown here. Frame from Target [$16.99] and not included.)

If you'd like this art print, be the first to post here on the blog!
**(anonymous users: leave your name, or some way to contact you.)**

I'll contact the winner. If you are not local, I will ship to you in a bend-proof mailer.

30 March 2011

A Birthday Love "Thank You"

Today I am officially closer to forty then I am to thirty-five. Wholly cow! But it's all good because of the wonderful birthday love I've received today! E-hugs to my Facebook friends, family and co-workers. It has been a lovely wish-filled day, complete with blue sky and sunshine. Special love goes out to....

Sweet teammate Janelle for the delicious chocolate/peanut butter cake and celebration with work friends. Yum, yum!

Co-worker Caryn for sending birthday wishes...all the way from Italy.

Miss Harmony for the fun "So Girly" apron. I'm in love!

To So Sarah Designs for a beautifully crafted apron, and for the big-button-bling-ring. You are so talented.

To DSW for having the only cute red heeled shoes in platforms. I do not need to be any taller so you saved me a bunch money today.

To Papa Murphy's for being just down the street because there was no way I was going to cook dinner.

To Hubby for a birthday breakfast this weekend.

I am blessed!