28 April 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

The latest dessert. Saturday, I made a birthday cake for my 3 year old niece. As you can see, the gang cleared it out and this is what remained. I'd never done a layer cake with different flavors and eventhough Martha would be not-so-proud of my dot technique, it was much fun and quite yummy!

22 April 2008

Lotsa Poppy's

Hot off the paint brush!

I'm trying to be faster with my paintings to loosen up a bit. This one (a 5x7 canvas) took about 30 minutes. I traded the studio for the dining room and the awesome natural light filtering thru the curtains. With hubby biking with the guys, and the kitty's sleeping, I've enjoyed a quiet creative evening. Happy Earth Day!

13 April 2008

Art Nite

Finally, I've painted! Geesh, it's been long enough. Last time I attempted painting was Christmas Eve. It was a dud, and actually it's the first painting I never bothered to finish. But no more...and here's proof! I'm working on Anise, and my first in-studio guest is whipping up another in his Exploration series.

Also this weekend, we skipped on over to GRAM to catch the Andy Warhol exhibit "Rapid Exposure". Fantastic! When you get the opportunity to see his prints from inches away, you realize how amazing they really are. A must see.

05 April 2008

Spring Breakers

Too nice to be inside, today. Snapped some pics of our spring breakers: Mama Duck and her main squeeze, George. Each Spring they use our pond and garden as their personal spa. You can get within 5-6 feet of them; they don't mind. Yesterday she was plump, today--not so plump, so if I can catch some snaps of future babies, I'll be sure to post them. Beautiful, isn't she?