27 August 2010

Bottletop Magnets

Last summer at the antique market I bought a handful of soda and beer bottle tops. They were rusty and cool so I could do something with them, right? Well, they sat in a jar for nearly a year until the inspiration hit. A cousin was getting married and I wanted to supplement a kitchen-themed shower gift with a quirky something-er-other. Afterall, the bride is a fun-lovin', free spirit so I could totally get away with it.

Out came these fridge magnets featuring old photos of the happy couple as the prince and princess, and of course the dog--the rambunctious Jazmyne, who took center-stage in the packaging with perky golden ears.

Congratulations to Nicole and Ken who were married a few weeks ago.

Tip: Line the bottom of a plain colored box with fun paper and tie with a coordinating ribbon. Easy and simple--for you and the recipient!

25 August 2010

A Sibling Summer

We've been, oh...let's see...just a tad bit busy lately, so lets get right to it!

Starting off the summer of siblings with Mr. L and Lil' K. Our first time with these sweeties was a delight. We snuck in a quick shoot while they were visiting from Missouri.
More here: Mr. L & Lil' K

Next we have the always energetic threesome that you've seen before. Mr. T and Mr. L and their little sis in an urban landscape made for a super-fun evening. Love those pearls, Lil' L!
More here: Mr. T, Mr. L, Lil' L

Wrapping up the summer with Miss K who loves, loves, loves being outside and her brand new brother, Baby C for a perfect night at the lake.
More here: Miss K & Baby C

Thanks to all these wonderful families for allowing us to be a part of your summer!

22 August 2010

Hair Clippies!

I have a bin of fabric scraps that continues to grow. I've always said that someday I'll find a use for the tinyest bits of my favorites. My patience paid off and a small collection of scraps have taken the form of floral hair clippies! You may recognize the basic design from an earlier post. I figured mini versions would make super-cute clippies, too. Here are a few I've given away with more in the hopper, one of which is a sassy black one for moi.