27 February 2011

New Painting! When Nature Calls...

After a little time hanging above the guest potty, I bring you the first in the Unmentionables series!

Silliness fell over me one day last fall and the need to paint about poop (of all things) emerged. I was also having visions of bad 70s wallpaper...and the Partridge Family sitcom...and out came this.

I blame the madness on work stress and a sugar overdose.

19 February 2011


If you are desiring the sights and smells of Spring and find yourself in the Grand Rapids area, stop in to Horrocks Market!

As usual, I spent more time "inspiration-browsing" than I did getting my groceries! While on my very slow stroll around the home and housewares section I snagged these three items. Items that I really, really, really wish had been my designs: a lovely silk-screened tea-towel, super-fun mug and an illustrated drink-recipe book. All of which I need like I need a hole in the head, (but they were on sale, so that makes it okay....right?)

12 February 2011

Mmmm. Chocolate!

A cozy winter evening should be punctuated by a something sweet, right?

Flipping through my growing (or shall I say dangerous) collection of dessert cookbooks–that are just as much for visual inspiration as they are for the recipes themselves–I came across the perfect treat. So, with just enough in the house to make a cup for the two of us, I whipped up a small batch of drinking chocolate from my new book The Essence of Chocolate.

Mmmm. Now I would like a blankie and a nap, please.

08 February 2011

Art Giveaway Alert! "Sweet Happy Love"

I'm long overdue to give away something pretty!

If you'd like this original painting, be the first to post here on the blog.
**(anonymous users: leave your name, or some way to contact you.)**

"Sweet Happy Love"
Acrylic on canvas
Measures 5" x 5" x 1.5" deep
Words cut from old dictionary

I'll contact the winner. If you are not local, I will ship it to you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

02 February 2011

The "Bliss"ard of 2011

I suppose there is no better time to re-enter the blog world (after an embarrassingly long hiatus) than with a blizzard!

The last time we had an event like this I was on the heels of turning four, and probably had a fantastic time playing in the snow in my white and red snow coat, (it's the only snow coat I remember so regardless if I was really wearing that one, we'll go with it). Thirty-some years later, I'm in my black snowsuit complete with reflector strips, two pockets, and a belt--yes, a belt--steering a snow blower.

I must say, it was blissful! First, I got a surprise snow day from work. Then, half way through the blowing and shoveling, the sun came out. It made 17 degrees feel warm, and everything sparkled. A bright blue sky and a neighborhood bustling with the sounds of winter clean-up made the work seem, well, kinda fun!

So, as our resident woodpecker worked diligently in the maple tree, I captured a these images from the yard. Happy February to all!