26 October 2009

The Theory of Manageable Piles

Saturday we raked, and we have a couple more weekends worth because we have the planet's biggest maples. Whoa. I'm getting too old for this. So, while hubby was off in the side yard, I began raking "manageable piles," (first time ever I've been able to test my nugget of wisdom!) Hubby's theory: rake everything into a long, daunting snake-like pile that you could loose a small child in. Mine: small piles organized strategically for instant gratification. I think he liked my theory, though he has yet to admit it.

18 October 2009


It's been one year since setting up our home studio and we've been blessed to photograph 13 beautiful little ones, and one big puppy! Each shoot has proven to be super-fun and we have learned a lot. So, to all the parents and kiddos...from the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU for your support. It's a privilege to capture these moments-in-time for you.

05 October 2009

Welcome, Baby M.

It's not often we get to photograph a newborn, but when we do it's a real treat. Just 12 days old when we met her, Baby M was super-sweet and uber-precious wanting nothing more than to be in mama and daddy's arms. I'm already looking forward to our next session together! See more from the shoot, here.