31 August 2008

Order in the Court!

There comes a time in ones life when one must come to terms with ones crap. And, I have a lot of (craft) crap!

Order was at the top of the list these past days. I took a few days off to deflate from the culmination of a chaotic few weeks at the office, sleep in, and to get remotivated creatively. With a clear head, I discovered part of my creativity-killer was that my studio and my dining room were exploding with craft-crap, and I needed order! So, off to Target for a $25 cure. Check out my new "Closet Made Espresso Cabinet." Bless this little wonder. Oh! and check out the way-cool recycled trash receptacle...made from plastic wrappers. Fun, fun!

25 August 2008

Friends Weekend

We just returned from a fun, crazy, and relaxing three days at Union Lake with a small group of friends and family.

Check out the creative, and sometimes gutsy ways a few of us used the water! Wanna to see more? Click here.

Big thanks to:
• Jim and Diane for letting the group take over the cottage.
• Curt, captain of the all-mighty MasterCraft, for letting us all play on the toys.
• And Melody, for some fab menu planning. Mmmm, mmmm, good.

13 August 2008

New! Fiberscape

A new fabric creation to share. The latest challenge: translate my tree sketches/paintings into fabric...and success! A 3.5" square Fiberscape; machine sewn, then hand embroidered with cream floss and stitched with glass beads. Just picked up some great new fabric, too and I hope to kick another out in the next week.

03 August 2008

Tweet, Tweet

I sent the paint brush on vacation these last weeks so I can experiment in fabric.

Introducing my two newest friends, Stella and Gordy. They're lumpy and bumpy and have their construction flaws (uh, don't we all!), but I love them anyway. I am focused on getting better at my pattern so they go together more smoothly. Hmmm, perhaps one will soon fly in for an Art Giveaway?

One jumbo, please.

Who: 2 couples
What: Ice cream treats
Where: Temptations. Grand Haven, MI.
Why: Why not?
Check out the Temptations "jumbo", 6 scoops of ice cream in one waffle cone! Now, when we ordered I'm thinking...how on earth is all that ice cream going make it in that cone...well, here's how! Creative, huh? There was even a peep hole so I could see where I was walking.

Next time you find yourself in Grand Haven, head to Temptations and go "jumbo". Share with a friend. It's more fun, people will stare, and it's cheaper!

(No, I did not eat the whole thing myself, I definately shared.)