19 September 2010

Lil' M's Beautiful Mess

Okay, so I'm not sure who had more fun here, us or Lil' M!

A big beautiful mess in the studio and we loved every second of it. Kinda looked like a box of Crayola's exploded at the end. Kudos to her parents for a fabulous idea, and for allowing us to be apart of Lil' M's first birthday cake. What an honor, thank you! Oh yeah, we took some other pics too and of course, they're adorable! Including ones in the very chair her Daddy has his toddler pictures in. Check out the session, HERE.

18 September 2010

Let's Go Antiquing!

After some early-summer moaning for twice being rained out of the antique market, I finally made it! July was the lucky month. I spent the morning wandering at a leisurely pace, picked up a couple of fun goodies (even though I lost my list half way through), and snapped some inspiring finds. I'm loving the recycling aspect of some of the items, dreaming of new color palates, and I cannot resist a collection of birdcages! (click for larger image)

12 September 2010

Kiddos Big and Small

First up is the delightful Baby K, back for her three month session. How can you not love this watermelon ensemble? Too cute! Which reminds me...a note to parents: bright colors make the best pictures. Want more? Click HERE.

Next up, siblings in the park! Check out these crazy kiddos ages 9, 7 and 6 years. They make the best goofy faces on command. Awesome! As you can see, they are a photogenic bunch. More from this session HERE.

11 September 2010

Summer Sewing Projects

I enjoyed two summer sewing projects, and was overjoyed to give them both away! Made of felt with three big fabric flowers, the Secret Basket was complete with an ol' fashioned key to open secret passageways, and pockets on the inside to stash little stuff. (click for larger image)

My first intention with the next project was to make a big stripey pillow with a flower brooch, but as I was playing around with how to order the fabrics I thought, "oooh, pockets!" and the Book Pillow was born. What could be better for a 6 year old, right? Oh, and those Fancy Nancy books = adorable! (click for larger image)