31 May 2008

Estate Sale Finds

Today we visited the neighbors on the last day of their estate sale. They have lived in the same house for 47 years, (wow!) and recently moved into a retirement community. We picked up these along with a few other non-photo-worthy items. More of that beautiful blue I'm so attracted too, lately.

The vase is handmade with a unique sheen to it, and I love that handle. The vintage glasses were spied by Marty. Inscribed "Kings Safety Goggle", they have real glass, bendable wire for your ears, and mesh sides so they don't fog up! From what I can gather they are pre-1950.

29 May 2008

Spring Bounty

I love this time of year. Just returned from a quiet evening at the market and brought home all of this colorful goodness...plus mushroom, zuchinni, and bananas! I'm very much looking forward to munching my way into next week.

Oh! I planted cherry tomatoes, too. My first attempt. If all goes well, we should be enjoying those in 60 days!

21 May 2008

Extra! Extra! Art Giveaway #2

Here she is! A 1.5" pendant of a blooming tree inspired by my spring garden. It's acrylic on wood (tangerine and blue), finished on both sides, with words from cut from an old dictionary applied beneath a varnish layer. The loop on the pendant is large enough to fit most (if not all) chains/collars you may have lying around.

Be the first to post a comment claiming it, and it's yours!

17 May 2008

Mama Duck and Babies!

If you recall the "Spring Breakers" post from early April you know this is the season for baby ducks...and they're finally here! (Forgive the photo quality as I wanted to keep my distance, plus she was cruzin'.)

Mama Duck lead her 6 babies thru the backyard at 7:50 this morning with a quick stop for a bath in our pond. She took great care to keep them camouflaged before their exit out the back gate--which we cracked open for them. What a great way to start the weekend.

14 May 2008

I pledge allegiance to the...

...flag. Wonderful, folksy, textural flag.

An artist friend shared today that he has been painting these delightful flags, so I want to now share them with you! Check out the website for additional details!

Antique Market Finds

If you've never been, the Allegan Antique Market is a fun, exploratory place. All kinds of goodies, from crazy-expensive antique furniture, to 50 cent postcards. The Market opened for the season on April 27 and I brought home two drawer pulls still adorning their original paint, (they hold cards!) and a large Texas Ware Melamine bowl. The smaller two bowls we snagged in ebay auctions. I've been eyeing these for some time. They are so light and perfect those yummy summertime dish-to-pass meals.

13 May 2008

May News

Been a lil' busy around our parts lately. Last week was a complete blur as I prepared for, traveled to and then recouped from a trek to the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (and my first time 'cross the Mississip)! A business trip all about play, Serious Play, that is.

I have a back log of stuff to share, so stay tuned this week as I get caught up.

Also this month, my next large painting. A 22x28 canvas that I will be starting this weekend, (I'm very excited and wishing my whole week away, just so I can begin). It's tentatively titled "CherryTree" and I'll have it up as soon as it's done.

Oh yes! and look for Art Giveaway #2 posting this month...a wearable gift to my visitors.

See ya in a couple days.

03 May 2008

Five a.m.

Since the weather has turned, every morning at 5am the large bird community, that resides in the Maple outside our bedroom, begin their morning chatter. Mind you, if I got up that early, there'd be no need for an alarm because I believe that every bird in Kentwood lives in that tree!

Even though they are loud and wake up the cats, and me, I would miss them if they found another tree. I find myself wondering what they talk about before the sun comes up? This pondering inspired these two 4 inch paintings. I think we will use them as coasters. His and Hers.