20 July 2008


60 days ago I planted two cherry tomato plants. Little did I realize how out-of-control they'd get. But who cares now 'cause I got me some tomatoes...dozens in fact! The star of this photo was the first one to ripen from the Sunsugar variety, so I just picked for a taste-test. Yummy! I will definately do this next year.

19 July 2008

Protein and Conversation

Two of my latest paintings, starting with an ode to the incredible edible egg painted on yes, a mini iron skillet, and photographed on my stovetop (cheezy, I know). I couldn't resist buying it, so I bought two. An egg on one and maybe bacon on the other? Tee, hee, hee.

This one, titled "Conversation", is yet another painting of my favorite creatures as of late. I think it's just ment to be the year of the bird! In fact, I should experiment with fabric...perhaps a birdy as a softy? Hmmmm.

Summer Tunes

We recently saw a fun local band The Icicles in a delightful little park in Cascade, on a cool summer evening. During the show several ladies from the community distributed daisy flowers to all the women and girls watching. What a sweet and perfect gesture to compliment their lite, happy music. I wore it in my hair for the evening.


Another fun lil' cake made recently for a 1st birthday party. Doing the freeform loopty-doo's was easier than I expected, and actually made this decoration faster than cakes-past. The best part though, was when the little one began squishing her fingers into the frosting and making a mess! She was happy...and so was I.

08 July 2008

Yay Fireworks!

Our South Carolina family joined us for the 4th of July weekend and we had a feast! A 'Lo Country Boil" to be exact. A fun lil' thing they do in the South...all in one pot and cooked outdoors, (we took a detour with that part) then dumped onto the table to eat with your fingers. Your plate is the table, and your napkin is a washcloth. As you can see, it's a meal for all ages and some of us sure do love our shrimp!