30 March 2008


Second post in one night to share this marital compromise. The health-nut wanted cereal and I, ice cream. So he made a "creamy-crunchy". Very good...a must try!

2.5 scoops Hudsonville Creamy-Lite Vanilla
1 tbsp. artfully drizzled Mrs. Richardon's Carmel
1 hefty toss of Aldi-brand Raisin Bran

Warm Cozy's

My sweet hubby surprised me with an ipod for my birthday, so of course I needed to felt a cozy...or two.

My first attempt was a wee-bit off on the measurements. It turned out a lil' big, oh, say the size of an eyeglass case! (Math has never been my strong point). So, back to the knitting needles for one more try and got one appropriately sized. All was not lost as the large one works for its cables and the small one fits the ipod itself. Now that everything is protected, time to learn how to work this thing!

21 March 2008


I discovered Bake Decorate Celebrate! today on PBS and consequently had a hankerin' for a sweet treat. So after lunch I made these. I ran out of the larger liners with lots of batter left, hence the mini's. So glad I thought of that because they are by far my favorites! Classic spring colors helped me forget that it was snowing and I could no longer see my grass.

17 March 2008

Dunk-n-Drizzle, 30 years past

Here I am! Dunkin' Easter eggs with Mom, March 19, 1978. I seem to remember most of my favorite animals and dolls, but not this one...oh, that hair!

16 March 2008


It sure has been a long time since I've dyed easter eggs. Today I helped Marty prepare a host of eggs for a team event. On one of the last eggs I started messing around with the colors--trying to control the drips and drizzles to "design it" when it struck me how as kids, just the simple act of dunking the egg was all the fun we needed.

Stop back tomorrow for a trip down memory lane...

09 March 2008

Oldies But Goodies

Check out these fab finds from a weekend visit to Marty's Grandparents.

An old planer, binoculars (that I will be slipping into my purse for use at our next concert!), and one of Grandpa's first cameras; a Canon complete with flash attachment, an intact blue bulb and a metal snake-like neck strap. Wow! Great family items, with great history. Now, we hope that the little ones will one day find these heirlooms as intriguing as we do, so they can be passed down and kept in the family. Until then, we'll keep 'em safe.

04 March 2008

Art Giveaway

Felt like a little sewing this weekend. Bopped on over to the fabric store and found these great fabrics. Love this palate and the vintage nature of the designs, however, this doesn't go with anything in my house!

So, time for my first art giveaway...A 16" pillow, cotton fabric, reversable. Great for cottage decor, little girls room or as a gift.

Want it? Be the first one to post a comment and it's yours! Now, if you're thousands of miles away, we'll have to work out a shipping deal. :-)