23 February 2008

Bliss Girl

She's finished!

Our creative department had a wonderful workshop opportunity with a friend and enormously-talented local artist who lead us thru assemblage. We had to pick a theme, mine was 'legacy'...wanting to be remembered for a creative spirit. I attempted to incorporate most everything I like: sewing, drawing, beading, gardening, type, pattern and texture. The only thing I didn't get in there was knitting...but I suppose I can whip'er up a hat for those breezy days! The clock face is set to the time I was born. I bought the wooden form forever-ago–her hair is original, but she did get a piant job before I started. What a blast. I'm hooked!

22 February 2008

Puppies and kitties, oh my!

I discovered an artist from California with wonderful photography of puppies, kitties, kids and kids with puppies and kitties. If this woman's work doesn't make you want to rush to the Humane Society and snatch up an animal to take home and love, I don't know what will. Artistic, emotional, fun. She has published a few books too, which I think I might be ordering!

Check her out: www.sharonmontrose.com (or just click on it from the "Creative Folks" sidebar). There you can find a link to her blog as well.

17 February 2008


"The weather outside is frightful, (well…more like dreary and wet and melty) but the jam is so delightful!” Perfect day to make a batch of Red Pear Jam. I’ve wanted to make more of this delicious treat and had been putting it off. I made a big mess, and ladled a bit o’ hot jam on my hand, but it was worth it. There was a wee little bit left in the pan, so I treated myself to a slurp before the big wash-up. Delish. Thank goodness for imported pears and Grandma M. telling me how easy it is.

14 February 2008

Of all the boys I’ve loved before…

...Okay, okay, so I've only loved one! I’ve saved all the roses he has given me over the years and keep them in a favorite piece of pottery. This isn’t all of them, two 1-dozen bundles are hanging in the house (and I think he wishes those would make it into a bowl, too!)

This date in history:
2008: Celebrating with dinner at Red Ball Jet Café
2000: Began hunting for our first home
1997: We’re engaged!
1976: Marty’s is born at 12:42a, “Happy Birthday, My Sweet!”
1963: First successful kidney transplant
1950: USSR and China sign peace treaty
1924: Thomas Watson opens IBM
1903: US Dept of Commerce and Labor is established

13 February 2008

Valentine Eve Surprise

We had to run to the store tonight to get "treats for work." I couldn't understand why Marty wanted to go to Horrocks. His treat options would be slim there, but at least I could get yogurt and bananas. So off we went.

As we walked thru the greenhouse on the way to the grocerys he stopped at the orchids, put on a big smile and told me to pick one out. Awe! So, we picked one out, together...here he is, a double stemmed Everspring King X Musachino. Impressive name for a gorgeous plant. Thanks, sweetie!

09 February 2008

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock

This has been done for a few days now, but couldn't post until I gave it away. A nursery clock for my sister's first child. Their "Patchwork Pooh" theme informed the color. Fun lil' project.

04 February 2008

In Bloom

Last weekend we headed to the Orchid Show at the Meijer Gardens. Wow, is this orchid-thing one serious business! Not only did they have oodles of varieties for purchase, but gorgeous displays of award winning orchids. We did not take any home as I'm still waiting my one orchid to re-bloom. Until I can make that happen, I will just admire from afar. Here are a few snaps from our visit.

02 February 2008


We enjoyed this scrumptious delight Friday evening with Marty's family in celebration of his parents 38th wedding anniversary. Pizza and cake––comfort food for a cold winters night. What could be better? And, since it's been much too long since I've made a cake, and it was oh, so yummy, I vow to make more cakes this year and grow my cake-decorating skills. Stay tuned!