30 January 2010

Spontaneous Creativity

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.


I spent some time with two little girls making art this week. Stamping to be precise. A joyful experience for all of us. I loved watching them do their thing just how they wanted.

The youngest was compelled to add tape. Love that! The oldest worked the stamps to see what would happen–pressing hard and turning to create a soft print.

I only had a gradation of pink stamping inks, that is until yesterday...I bought more colors. Gotta be prepared ya know, 'cause the oldest asked if I could keep the stuff in my purse so we could play next time I come over.

Love that, too.

24 January 2010


Last weekend our new associate pastor spoke for the first time. His talk, titled Calling, was his story of journey, discernment, clarity, and action. All things I totally needed to hear at that moment. Afterall, I'm approaching 36 (translation: half way to 72...hellooo!) and contemplating the churn of life, creativity, and dreams. And it's difficult.

Closing his talk, he used a metaphor of a tree with a large blossoming canopy and a trunk that just needs strengthening so that it doesn't fall over (my paraphrase). He was speaking about the church, but I personally connected with it--and I love trees--so off to the craft store I went. I was getting a canvas and painting what was in my head that day, and I wasn't going to labor over it, or make it perfect, or "design it" first.

Success! Now I can focus, and feel as if I can properly begin this process.

23 January 2010

Art Giveway - Claimed!

After a bit of a delay on my end, I'm happy to say we have a winner!
Congrats to Mel!

Stay tuned for another art giveaway in February. I'm working on a couple cool new things, so who knows what might show up next month.

18 January 2010

Art Giveaway!

Regarding those fabric flowers a few posts back...well, I became curious with the idea of one attached to a pillow. And after a few swings of ye ol' magic wand....voila! A 12" fabric flower pillow ready to give away. (The back of the pillow is the solid red fabric you see in the closeup.)

If you would like it, just give me a shout via email, phone, or posting a comment.

Happy Monday!

10 January 2010


Last week my 82 year old Grandmother broke her thigh bone which resulted in a partial hip replacement. After several days in the hospital, bored, she is now in an aftercare facility until all parties are comfortable sending her home to my Grandfather.

We brought her some flowers today.

Now, for some this would be a hardship, difficult and perhaps devastating. But not for June! Nope. This is just an inconvenience. A bump on the highway of life, you might say. She'll be fine and says so herself, it'll just take some time.

It's all about attitude, which is why she will be home in less than a week and then off to an active-yet-slightly-altered life until completely healed. As she said today: you only stay home when there's no place else to go.

I aspire to be that inspiring...today, and when I'm 82.

05 January 2010

Fun with Flowers

Just finished a fun sewing project...here are some close ups of free-form fabric flowers affixed to fleece. I now have all kinds of ideas for these fun flowers! Off to add them to my growing "creative ideas" list.

03 January 2010

Set Sail!

A couple of happy paintings to start the new year! The boat is sailing on over to my nephew to adorn the wall of his new big-boy room. And the beach...well, that was painted awhile ago, but reminds me of our recent vacation. Speaking of, I will be posting some of those images soon.