04 March 2008

Art Giveaway

Felt like a little sewing this weekend. Bopped on over to the fabric store and found these great fabrics. Love this palate and the vintage nature of the designs, however, this doesn't go with anything in my house!

So, time for my first art giveaway...A 16" pillow, cotton fabric, reversable. Great for cottage decor, little girls room or as a gift.

Want it? Be the first one to post a comment and it's yours! Now, if you're thousands of miles away, we'll have to work out a shipping deal. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Well of course you know I love your pillow because I love all that is "old French country" -- and this reminds me of it! :)

Your bliss blog is quite delightful. It is inspiring me to pick up those creative projects I've been meaning to work on at home...

~ Christine

Michelle L said...

Hooray! Congratulations to Christine, bliss-blogs very first art giveaway winner!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Michelle! It is so much more beautiful it person too. Also, the craftsmanship is superb! I love it! :)

~ Christine