21 May 2008

Extra! Extra! Art Giveaway #2

Here she is! A 1.5" pendant of a blooming tree inspired by my spring garden. It's acrylic on wood (tangerine and blue), finished on both sides, with words from cut from an old dictionary applied beneath a varnish layer. The loop on the pendant is large enough to fit most (if not all) chains/collars you may have lying around.

Be the first to post a comment claiming it, and it's yours!


Anonymous said...

Of course, I love it!!!


Michelle L said...

Hooray, we have a take! Miss YIPPEE has claimed art giveaway #2. Good thing I know who you are! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love it, someone already asked if she could wear it. Thanks again!! It was so nice seeing you.

Christine said...

I tried to post a comment and it wouldnt' post. :( Maybe next time.