31 August 2008

Order in the Court!

There comes a time in ones life when one must come to terms with ones crap. And, I have a lot of (craft) crap!

Order was at the top of the list these past days. I took a few days off to deflate from the culmination of a chaotic few weeks at the office, sleep in, and to get remotivated creatively. With a clear head, I discovered part of my creativity-killer was that my studio and my dining room were exploding with craft-crap, and I needed order! So, off to Target for a $25 cure. Check out my new "Closet Made Espresso Cabinet." Bless this little wonder. Oh! and check out the way-cool recycled trash receptacle...made from plastic wrappers. Fun, fun!

1 comment:

Perilight Graphics said...

I love the feel of organization!!! Now if I could only get there on a more regular base!