25 August 2012

A New "Blissgirl" Adventure Begins!

My little art studio has been busting at the seams preparing for a new adventure: My work is now in a shop! Woot!

That's right...Hammer and Thread in Allendale, MI will be selling some of my work, starting tonight! A smattering of Tooth Fairy pillows, pendants and fabric brooches...now available.

Hammer and Thread is a brand new, super-cute handmade artisans shop in Allendale's Engine House No.5 Museum. For directions: click here. Great artisans, one-of-a-kind items, and affordable prices. Check it out!

I'm very, very excited. And what makes it even better is being in the same shop with my super talented friend Sarah, of SoSarah Designs. If you do not have one of Sarah's aprons, you.must.have.one. (I have two!)