09 June 2008

Half Way Thru

Gadzooks! Where has the time gone? I'm really hoping I can get a special project off the ground by the Fourth, but time is often nil when you have a regular job and oodles of other creations swimming in your head. So, I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers I can pull it off!

Nearly half way thru the year already and I have yet to post about my furry art helpers. Luna gets excited about my paint brushes, but not so much with the camera...so I have to be creative. Here is one of dozens of experimental shots with her as she spied on the neighborhood from our bedroom window.

Sealey, on the otherhand, will perform for the camera and is a blast photograph. Here's a few shots during a recent playtime. She finagled a piece of wrapped candy from a bowl on the dining table (that'll teach me) and played with it for 10 minutes. 75 pictures later she tuckered out.

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