14 September 2008

Design Sponge

Sharing with you a website I frequent that gets me inspired!

Design Sponge is a great place to peruse when you need creative ideas as it's packed with design trends, makeovers, podcasts and the like.

As I listen to a news report saying it's time to start thinking about Christmas and what you will spend (what the heck!), I'm surfing the "before and after" section and thinking...a garage sale or Goodwill goodie–transformed, would make a fine (and inexpensive) creative gift for yourself or special someone! In fact, if you find yourself doing just that, send me your before and after photos and I'll post them here. Hmmm, I think a trip to Second Time Around is in order. Let's see...night table, stool, chair, or maybe a picture frame?...oh the possibilities!

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Anonymous said...

You are too funny!! This is why we LOVE you!