22 March 2009

Weekend Update

Friday marked 17 years since the hubby and I had our first date. Back then, we saw "Wayne's World" at the now defunk'd, Studio 28. This year was celebrated with a flick of a different sort, a silent film from 1925 called "The Lost World" at the public museum. It was a lot of fun and I now have a new phrase: Oh my thunder! Yes, maturity has officially set in.

Saturday we went to the spring sale for the West Michigan Potters Guild and picked up these fun creations. It was love at first sight with this little bird man by artist Tonya Rund, then rounded out the shopping with an olive oil container and 2 coffee mugs by Theresa Slaughter. I now have 5 pieces of hers and if I had cash coming out of my ears, I'd buy up her whole booth!

Sunday was spent painting closets. Terribly uncreative, messy but necessary....and (big sigh) not completed.

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Anonymous said...

Love the coffee mugs!! On our calender I noticed a big birthday is coming up quickly!!! YEAAAA