03 May 2009

Dance, Dance, Woof!

A week of fun photo-ops comes to a close featuring a little dancer and a big (and I mean BIG) doggie.

First we have lil' P all dolled up for a big night at her dance recital. She and her tap shoes cut-a-rug to "A Bushel and a Peck," a song that is now firmly planted in my brain.

Then it was off to a soire with our heaviest subject yet, the 97 lb gentle giant, Timber. He was fabulous! He sure was pooped by the end though, you could read it in his eyes and it went something like this: "Seriously, 260 shots? Can we please be done?"

1 comment:

Wibbelers said...

Pictures are awesome! You two are great together!

Payton's pics are so cute!!