20 February 2010

Art Giveaway Alert!

"Wash Hands" a 5x7 print in a brushed silver frame, is now available! It's violet with turquoisy splashes and embellished with ink and colored pencil. Perfect for a kitchen, bath or daycare. If you want it, it's yours! Just drop a note here on the blog.

I LOVE old, wooden printers type. Love it, love it, love it. Hand stamping and continual ink mixing means no two are the same, forcing me to give up control, be fast...and keep my fingers clean!

I think crochet is officially on the backburner.
More to come in this area, for sure.


Anonymous said...

I want it!!! I am now checking regularly for the giveaways!!

hehehe ~ mel

G'ma Mary said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!

ArtistJess said...

not sure if this has been given away yet, but i'd love to throw my name in the hat!