02 February 2011

The "Bliss"ard of 2011

I suppose there is no better time to re-enter the blog world (after an embarrassingly long hiatus) than with a blizzard!

The last time we had an event like this I was on the heels of turning four, and probably had a fantastic time playing in the snow in my white and red snow coat, (it's the only snow coat I remember so regardless if I was really wearing that one, we'll go with it). Thirty-some years later, I'm in my black snowsuit complete with reflector strips, two pockets, and a belt--yes, a belt--steering a snow blower.

I must say, it was blissful! First, I got a surprise snow day from work. Then, half way through the blowing and shoveling, the sun came out. It made 17 degrees feel warm, and everything sparkled. A bright blue sky and a neighborhood bustling with the sounds of winter clean-up made the work seem, well, kinda fun!

So, as our resident woodpecker worked diligently in the maple tree, I captured a these images from the yard. Happy February to all!

1 comment:

Mary Lenger said...

Love your eye for little details that surprise us with the beauty all around.