30 March 2011

A Birthday Love "Thank You"

Today I am officially closer to forty then I am to thirty-five. Wholly cow! But it's all good because of the wonderful birthday love I've received today! E-hugs to my Facebook friends, family and co-workers. It has been a lovely wish-filled day, complete with blue sky and sunshine. Special love goes out to....

Sweet teammate Janelle for the delicious chocolate/peanut butter cake and celebration with work friends. Yum, yum!

Co-worker Caryn for sending birthday wishes...all the way from Italy.

Miss Harmony for the fun "So Girly" apron. I'm in love!

To So Sarah Designs for a beautifully crafted apron, and for the big-button-bling-ring. You are so talented.

To DSW for having the only cute red heeled shoes in platforms. I do not need to be any taller so you saved me a bunch money today.

To Papa Murphy's for being just down the street because there was no way I was going to cook dinner.

To Hubby for a birthday breakfast this weekend.

I am blessed!

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