24 April 2011

You have to be 6 years old...

This post was going to be about a fun cake creation for my niece's 6th birthday party, and it still is...kind of...at least there are a few pics at the end. Cake Pop ice cream cones that frankly, turned out awesome. But the post-plan changed when at the party I had one of those "aunt moments" that will stay with me for a long, long time.

Last month when I was in Chicago I stopped at The Paper Source. A way cool arty-farty store I hadn't been in since college. I quickly peeked in the very small kids section thinking perhaps there would be something for one of the kids birthdays. There was. Rosie Flo's Sticky Colouring Book. A quick flip and I was pretty sure Miss P., with her artistic bent, would like it.

She did. She wanted to draw in her new book, with me. Sprawled on the living room floor she (we) began creating, asking me how to draw shoes, and arms and hands and necks. And, asking me how someone learns to be an artist and what kind of artist I am. She filled 4 pages she said were of her and her friends (and all were in heels!)

Her younger sister really wanted to draw in it. And out from the mouth of the girl who always shares, comes: "No. It's really hard, you have to be 6 years old" without lifting her eyes or pencil from the page.

I smiled.

Happy Birthday, Lady!

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Grandma L. said...

The cake and cake-ice cream cones were perfectly wonderful.We're amazed by your creativity.
But, the love and gently teaching of art concepts you shared with P. is priceless. She soaks up your ideas. Watching the 2 of you is marvelous.