04 July 2011

It's Tea Time!

I've been challenged with how to go about this post. What parts do I tell you about? If I told you about everything we'd be here all day, but there are so many fun snipits, and tons (and tons) of pictures. What to do?

Perhaps I should start with the end goal, which was to create a fun event for my nieces who are physically together only a handful of days in a year, and to put the boys to work serving us. Girls, flowers, tea cups–what could be more fun, right?

However, as I've had time to process our little tea party, I was struck with something unintended: the awesomeness of gathering three generations of women around a table; grandmother, moms, aunts and cousins. Girl-power!

The oldest mademoiselle's asked if we could have another tea party...the next day! Mmm, I think they had fun. And I think I could have an annual event on my hands!

But before we get to the pictures, I must thank a few wonderful people who helped this idea come to life:

To Harmony who graciously let me borrow her collection of tea cups/saucers, tea pots and all the little items that go with them. I'm hooked!

To Matt, brother-in-law-turned-Butler who wore a ruffly apron (per the request of moi), hung a tea towel over his arm and really played the part. You were fabulous!

To Hubby for capturing my vision and snapping several (okay, 400!) amazing moments in pictures. XOXO. Here are just a few (okay, 38!). Prepare your scrolling finger, you've been warned...

[click to enlarge]


Anonymous said...

It was an AMAZING time!! You are definitely a wonderful Aunt! The girls had so much fun!!!! THANKS!!

G'ma said...

Sweet surprises, Special,superb, Satisfying, Sharing, stimulating, splashes of sunshine amongst the shade, sweet smiles, succulent simplicity = stunning success.