30 January 2010

Spontaneous Creativity

Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.


I spent some time with two little girls making art this week. Stamping to be precise. A joyful experience for all of us. I loved watching them do their thing just how they wanted.

The youngest was compelled to add tape. Love that! The oldest worked the stamps to see what would happen–pressing hard and turning to create a soft print.

I only had a gradation of pink stamping inks, that is until yesterday...I bought more colors. Gotta be prepared ya know, 'cause the oldest asked if I could keep the stuff in my purse so we could play next time I come over.

Love that, too.


Anonymous said...

They had such a great time and cannot wait until you come back again!! We appreciate all the "artsie" ideas you bring to the girls. Thanks for being such a wonderful, caring, and loving Aunt!!!

We 'heart' you!

G'ma Mary said...

Enjoyed watching you teach the young girls how to make pretty designs on papers. Peaceful, happiness.