24 January 2010


Last weekend our new associate pastor spoke for the first time. His talk, titled Calling, was his story of journey, discernment, clarity, and action. All things I totally needed to hear at that moment. Afterall, I'm approaching 36 (translation: half way to 72...hellooo!) and contemplating the churn of life, creativity, and dreams. And it's difficult.

Closing his talk, he used a metaphor of a tree with a large blossoming canopy and a trunk that just needs strengthening so that it doesn't fall over (my paraphrase). He was speaking about the church, but I personally connected with it--and I love trees--so off to the craft store I went. I was getting a canvas and painting what was in my head that day, and I wasn't going to labor over it, or make it perfect, or "design it" first.

Success! Now I can focus, and feel as if I can properly begin this process.

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Anonymous said...

Very Cool!!! Love it.