10 January 2010


Last week my 82 year old Grandmother broke her thigh bone which resulted in a partial hip replacement. After several days in the hospital, bored, she is now in an aftercare facility until all parties are comfortable sending her home to my Grandfather.

We brought her some flowers today.

Now, for some this would be a hardship, difficult and perhaps devastating. But not for June! Nope. This is just an inconvenience. A bump on the highway of life, you might say. She'll be fine and says so herself, it'll just take some time.

It's all about attitude, which is why she will be home in less than a week and then off to an active-yet-slightly-altered life until completely healed. As she said today: you only stay home when there's no place else to go.

I aspire to be that inspiring...today, and when I'm 82.


Jonathan Kelly clark said...

That's my Grandma! What a great post!

Rachael Van Dyke said...

Hi Michelle,
Such a pretty site!I love the
drawing at the header- did you do that?
I have a blog spot too now!

The Conklin Family said...

Oh do I love that picture!!! She is the best!