22 May 2010

Embrace Life.

My day started at 7:15 am when I met my friend Harmony at a downtown bakery for coffee and pastries. Tummies filled and caffeine in hand we hopped a few blocks over to the Farmers Market––my first time there, can you believe it? Roaming at a leisurely pace we packed our bags full of goodies for the week. Some basil, aspara*gas* (as hubby calls it) and fresh lupine's for me and a week's worth of produce for Harmony. I fell in love with the work of a local man who makes lazy-susans out of wood scraps. His craftsmanship is impecable.

We scooted from there to make a creative workshop hosted by our friend, Diane. I have blogged about her before. She's such a doll and comes up with the best projects. The eight-or-so of us made a beautiful creative mess and shared a few recipes, too!

Home for lunch with hubby and then it was off to the greenhouse. Dirt, fertilizer, hanging baskets, annuals, and two tomato plants later, I am home. A lasagna dinner and a quiet house round out the evening as I sit with the sounds of a purring kitty on my lap, birds chirping and the clicking of our laptops.

Today I feel as if I truly embraced life.

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