05 May 2010

Possibilities, Numerous.

I stopped painting regularly about a year ago because I felt stuck. So, I switched to fabric to infuse creativity in my subject matter which I'm still having fun with (can't wait to show you what's in the hopper!)

Then my work-friend, Diane invited me to her Stampin' Up workshop. I'm not a scrapbooker or a stamper mind you, but she had some cool projects lined up (that included fabric) and I needed a creative morning with girlyfriends. And as with everything, I discovered a cool new toy. It became quite the debate...a spiffy die cutter-tool and it's accessories or a food processor? Hmmm.

Fast forward to last weekend for some playtime with my new toy (Mom, if you're reading this: food processor is on the holiday list). I'm having way too much fun and it's what I needed to take my painting, and crafting, to another level. So as a thank you to Diane, I made her this "card" for helping to inspire me.

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